Mathematics at Bowral High develops students' logical thinking and numerical understanding through the application of mathematics to the modern world.

All students are encouraged to apply their mathematical knowledge and skills as they work mathematically to solve problems and to communicate their ideas.

Students work mathematically by thinking, planning, reasoning, calculating, evaluating strategies, communicating results and by using appropriate mathematical language and symbolism.

Mathematics classes at Bowral High are organised to allow all students to work at the level most appropriate to their ability.

All students follow mathematics courses developed by the Board of Studies.

The comprehensive Mathematics Faculty Guide (pdf 3803 KB) provides parents and students with detailed information about the different courses, assessment schedules and classes currently on offer at Bowral High School. 

Assistance in choosing maths courses for Years 11 and 12 can be found by the following links:  

Senior Course Guide (pdf 46 KB).

Which Mathematics Course? (pdf 468 KB)