SRC fundraiser

The Bowral High SRC

In electing the SRC, the school goes through a major process. Firstly, nominations, where you have to get references from teachers and go through an interviewing sheet. If you make it through the round, then generally you must perform a speech, in front of your year group, on why you should be part of the SRC.

The SRC are not seen a lot around the school, but we work ‘behind the scenes'. We help out with so many things that you wouldn't think twice about.

We also hold "Taster Day" barbeques for future Year 7's and their teachers. This involves hours of preparation cooking and chopping the food, which isn't that great if you have to chop the onions. But after the success of another barbeque, we don't just walk away, we clean up and wash the floor, and dispose of all the scraps in the bins.

Throughout the year, the SRC have held successful fundraisers, and there are many more to come. Coming up at the end of August, there is ‘Jeans for Genes Day' with all money raised going to the ‘Jeans for Genes Day' foundation. We also raise funds for the Cambodia Project which helps train people to teach in the local area, and help with the Red Cross and Legacy, by selling badges in town and door-knocking around the community.

The SRC do so much to help our school, and are passionate in doing so. We love to help out, and are going to help out in the future and beyond.