News  » Swimming Carnival 2018 - this week!

Last updated 11:57 AM on 29 January 2018
The Bowral High School swimming carnival will be held on Friday 2nd February at Bowral pool. 
This is a compulsory school day and all students are expected to attend. 
The cost will be $2.40  unless a current pool pass is shown to the pool staff on the gate.
Students who travel to school by bus will be dropped off at the pool in the morning and will be returned to the school in the afternoon to catch their usual school bus home.  
All other students will make their own arrangements to get to and from the pool.  
Rolls will be marked at 9am.
All students will be expected to exit the pool at the end of the swimming carnival. 
Any student who wishes to re-enter the pool must have written parental permission and at this time the student will become the parents /caregivers responsibility.
Students are responsible for sun protection and are expected to adopt sun safe behaviours.
Coloured hairspray, coloured zinc or body paint and crepe paper are NOT PERMITTED at the pool.
In the event of inclement weather a message will be read over 2ST in the morning and will be put on the BHS app. For further information or queries contact Miss Eckley or Mr Langdon at school. 
Carnival Students