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Last updated 5:52 PM on 15 November 2017

Stage 4 students have been busy in their project classes this semester. To celebrate their work we are holding a Market Stall Showcase. We would like to invite you to come and view the exciting work students have been creating.

Showcase 2017 will be held on Thursday 30th November from 12 noon until 1.30pm.

The afternoon will start in the school hall at noon with a brief introduction by stage 4 leaders. Parents and other student guests will be required to sign in when they arrive at the hall. To ease this process, please return the RSVP on the invitation received by your child. 

Following introductions, parents and visitors will be shown through our Market Stall Showcase by students in stage 4 classes. Students will explain their projects by performing, demonstrating completed work or showcasing student produced films. All guests will have time to view the stall of each class.

A presentation in the hall at 1.10pm will conclude the showcase.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Showcase 2017