Our school

At Bowral High School we are committed to building positive relationships with students, parents and staff that support students to feel connected to the school and learn. We want our students to have a sense of belonging at the school, to feel valued and supported and to have respectful relationships with their teachers and each other. Positive relationships underpin engagement, along with strong pedagogy and personalised learning.Bowral High School has strong links to its community and its partner primary schools. A rich and challenging academic program exists side by side with opportunities in vocational education that offer students individual pathways to work, university, and TAFE or private colleges.

On August 16 Bowral High School participated in an external validation process. Two external principals engaged in a detailed two hour discussion with the validation team about our school's self assessment against the 14 elements of the School Excellence framework. The team validated the school's judgements for all 14 elements. The results of this self assessment are provided in this document. We welcome your feedback.

Validation 2016 (pdf 5882 KB)