Bring Your Own Device

BYOD @ BHS ExplaniedChromebook

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a technology solution where students bring their own device to school.
  • This device can be used to complete some learning tasks and to access the internet as required.
  • Student participation in BYOD is not a Bowral High School requirement. Each faculty and the school library have devices that are used under teacher direction.
  • The device that is recommended by Bowral High School is a Chromebook.
  • Students in year 7 – 10 are able to bring non-Chromebook laptops as BYOD. However, they will not be able to connect their device to the school's internet. Students in year 11 & 12 can apply to have a non-Chromebook connected to the school's internet.
  • At Bowral High School mobile phones and tablets are not considered BYOD.
  • To participate in BYOD students and parents must sign the BYOD Agreement (pdf 168 KB). The agreement must be signed and returned to school before students can use their BYOD.
  • The BYOD agreement includes an understanding that student owned devices are the students responsibility and that the school is not liable for any damages.
  • Student owned devices must come to school fully charged and are not to be left unattended. A protective case and insurance should be considered when making any BYOD purchases.
  • It is recommended that students also have a USB drive to store back-ups of all work.
  • Any device that is being misused will be stored at the front office until the end of the day.
  • Material stored on a device can also be subject to staff review. Students must comply with DoE policy regarding all electronically stored material.
Software for non-Chromebook BYOD 
  • NSW DoE has offered students the ability to download key software without charge. The software includes Microsoft Office 2016, Windows 10, and Adobe Creative Cloud. This software is available for Windows or Mac.
  • Using their student email students register. This registration allows each student one download per application.

Software is available at :