Year 7 friends

Bowral High School aims to create a positive and caring ethos where individuals are respected and feel secure in a way that enhances their social and academic development.

Bullying is the wilful conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten someone. A person is being bullied, or picked on, when another person or group of people say nasty things to him or her. It is also bullying when a person is hit, kicked, threatened verbally or with a gesture or a look, when no-one ever talks to him or her and when they are sent nasty notes or messages. It is also bullying when a person is repeatedly teased in a nasty way. These things can happen frequently and it is difficult for the person being bullied to defend him or herself.

At Bowral High School our objectives are:

  1. to prevent bullying
  2. to act effectively when bullying is reported.
  3. to provide anti-bullying courses to all students.

Our Anti-Bullying Document (pdf 5232 KB) outlines the processes for preventing and responding to student bullying in our school and reflects the Policy of the NSW Department of Education and Communities