PE and Sport Uniform

Sports uniform

Appropriate Uniform

Physical Education (PE) and sport are compulsory parts of the school curriculum. PE is mandatory for all students in years 7–10 who follow an integrated sport program as a part of PD/H/PE, whilst Year 11 participate in compulsory sport during a dedicated period. Sport occurs at different times in the timetable for each group.

In all years students are required to wear the school's PE uniform. The uniform consists of: 

  • a white or white and navy polo shirt
  • navy embroidered trackpants
  • a navy tracksuit
  • navy and white BHS jacket
  • navy BHS embroidered shorts.

The entire uniform can be purchased from school or Mimosa Productions, 30 Orient Street, Willowvale, Mittagong. Phone: (02) 48712764

Students are required to wear their regular uniform to school and get changed for PE and sport, and then change back into school uniform at the end of the lesson.

Wednesday is Bowral High School's sports day and all students are permitted to wear the FULL correct PE uniform the WHOLE DAY. Students not wearing full PE uniform are expected to wear FULL school uniform. Students MUST bring appropriate equipment and footwear for elective subjects and technology mandatory. RABEN footwear is NOT permitted, only joggers or lace up plain canvas shoes are acceptable forms of sports shoes.