Student Uniform


Student Uniform in 2017

Promoting the learning, wellbeing and safety of all students in NSW Public Schools is a high priority for the Department of Education and Communities. The Behaviour Code for Students outlines the need of students to meet high standards for respectful, safe and engaged behaviour. Students are required to ‘dress appropriately by complying with the school uniform or dress code' to show respect.

The Bowral High School community believes that the wearing of school uniform fosters pride in the school, assists in the development and maintenance of tone and good conduct, and ensures a sense of equality irrespective of a student's personal circumstances. School uniform also helps to increase security for students travelling to and from school and allows staff to identify quickly anyone trespassing on school property. The wearing of uniform is, therefore, a safety and welfare matter. 

Following consultation with students, parents/carers, P&C and staff in Term 4, 2016 regarding some issues with the school uniform, the following changes have been approved for the summer uniform in 2017:

  • All students will have the option of wearing a polo shirt or a white cotton shirt/blouse.
  • Junior students (Years 7-9) will be able to wear a navy polo shirt with a white BHS logo.
  • Senior students (Years 10-12) will be able to wear the existing white polo shirt with a navy BHS logo.
  • Socks for boys and girls can be either plain white, grey or black (no logos).
  • Junior girls skirt remains the same (tartan).
  • Senior girls skirt: However, for girls who not feel that these style suit them, any navy skirt can be worn.

    The length of all skirts should be comfortable and practical for the full range of school activities.
  • Girls' pants: However, for girls who not feel that these style suit them, any navy pants can be worn. 

    Whilst a straight fit is acceptable, these cannot be leggings, jeggings or any form of active wear.
  • Enclosed black leather shoes for all students remain a compulsory WHS uniform item.
  • The PE uniform remains the same. This is to be worn all day on Sports Day and brought separately to be changed into before PE lessons on non-sport days with students changing back into their normal uniform after these lessons.

The wearing of the school uniform develops skills in personal neatness, appearance, presentation and self-discipline which is an important learning experience and is a highly valued attribute in the workplace. The uniform policy has been developed by students, P&C and staff and is endorsed by the NSW Department of Education and Communities.

The wearing of school uniform is a parent's responsibility, not a student's choice.